Emory Texas / Rains County Newspaper  Emory Texas,  Satan’s Paradise. This site is sponsored by the loud idiots at the back end of  CR.3345.. and our Annie Jo Here you can read some enlightening emails sent to this site. What exactly is 3345info.com about I mean u put videos and pictures of people driving by minding there own business and then calling them non appropriate names I mean I can kinda get the fact of you getting mad about kids vandalizing your property. Honestly I think your website is taking it a little to far and if you realty want to sell your house why would you put on your website for everyone to see that it is a horrible place to live.      mr.smity2573@gmail.com Because mr.smity..people have a right to know..don’t cha think? Here’s Nikki’s threat On 10/19/2012 3:26 PM, Nikki Pogue wrote:     You are no neighborhood crime watch. If anyone actually cared about your opinion this would not still be going on. Clearly you are a creeping pedifil. You like watching those kids. In fact you get your jollies off looking at them, don't you SICKO.     Fuck with me I will have you ran out of this county. SICKO     Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android Just wondering..does this qualify to put your email on here? Wow! It seems that you have your hands full with all of the disrespectful red-neck kids over there! the fat one in the grey truck is what we consider "trailer trash" down in Louisiana. I sure hope you show the police the videos that you take! I couldn't put up with trash like that, I would be sitting on my porch with a shotgun. sorry to say, but it seems best in that type of situation to not antagonize idiots like that. they probably never made it past the 6th grade anyway! good luck t*x*st*n*7&@gmail.com How many mental illnesses do you suffer from? You might be the most idiotic  retard i have ever freaking seen. You realize by making this site you just agonize people to do it more and more. Plus the mufflers you poop yourself over are just as legal as it is for you to crap in your own house. learn the rules guy. Plus... Get over your freaking dog dying you have absolutely no proof someone shot it. For Christ sake as psychotic as you are you probably shot it yourself trying to draw attention to you. Long story short, by having this website you just cause yourself to look more and more like an idiot day by day. Get a life. If you don't like it move. No one wants you here anyways.  jasonisathug6@gmail.com Nice email name dude! you know, I’m pretty sure I don’t like you either..so let’s call it even..okie dokie?   I have been looking for property in this area. Stumbled across the site. Wow! I am in shock. Also, please accept my condolences on the family pet. You have made me realize, I do not want anywhere near Emory! Thanks..*****    **erma* , TX your welcome.glad I could help!  Here’s a sweet threatning email from Mr. Lukey Lukey wanted this posted. My comments to Lukey about his Death threat email.   my response to Mr. B. P. in Red. I live in Hogansville i guess I'm redneck because I go mudding. (your words, not mine)  And soon you will end up showing a video of the wrong person and there gonna find out where u live because of your site. ( I think I have done everything I can to let anyone know who I am, where I live  etc...)       You have nothing else to do except run people down because there having fun.  (now, just exactly what do you call fun?)  Most People are doing this just to show you we ain't scared. (doing what?) We ain't dirty assredneck. ( again, not my words, yours!) You wanna take video move to Dallas were you'll be taught your lesson cause they do not mess around.   (I agree on that one, If I had showed the sergeant at the Northeast Substation in Dallas these videos ..there would be some boys in the pokey!)   Keep video your dang site,sit down at home watching 24 hours of videos because you do not have a life.  (did you go to school here?) As far as Dallas goes, I spent the last 50 years there..inside the city limits.                       so, what exactly are you trying to tell me..Mr. B.P Here’s Mr. Braylon Parmers  threat.